Our Games


Released june 2023 on Steam

Discover our first game, entirely developped and published by Polycorne.

Silicon City is a new take on the classic city builder genre, where each citizen voice their opinion. Will you be an urban designer, a rural evangelist or a reckless capitalist? Build your way to the most productive city until elected as the best mayor or plan the city of your dreams in sandbox.


An interactive contact form

Discover the mini game we made for the Agency Black & Wild.

We developed a small engine in javascript to code and animate this unique take on a contact form.



A free mini game available on itch.io

Discover the very first project we made in 48 hours during a game jam.

Our game tells the story of a group of will-o’-the-wisps traveling from one galaxy to another. However, the transport network linking these galaxies is full of holes that the player must fill to guide the will-o’-the-wisps to safety.