Rushhour – Traffic simulation software

Rushhour – Traffic simulation software

A problem with traffic in cities

Today our roads are congested, even with the solutions we came up with.
We have today gathered enough real time data to visualize our roads congestion. Car drivers still have to find alternative directions once they face a traffic jam. GPS and mobile apps helps but the problem is here already.

Our solution

Tomorrow these roads will be reworked efficiently.
Phoebe coeus research is based on forecasts, with the most detailed simulation software. From the cars engines power to the synchronization of traffic lights, our product can finely analyses the chaotic impacts of every single variable, such as a bigger electrical cars proportion, a new bus lane or green waves setup (synced traffic lights).

Simulating our own traffic situation will result in a better understanding of the problems we have to solve.
Testing new roads over a city scale or changing variables will help finding efficient solutions to any future change:

  • Environment impact & gas consumption
  • Road works efficiency
  • Public transports investment profitability

Funding need: $800K (18 months)
Likely acquisition exit: $30M (4 – 6 y)

Roads can be drawn and configured within the software, based on existing cities designs. Real data from road sensors is used to ingest cars in the virtual city, all with individual characteristics. Congestion and traffic jam evolution can be simulated and forecasted, to solve various situations: Environmental impact from cars gas consumption before and after changes.

Efficiency of a new street lane, a round-about or the impact of temporary road works.

24 hours forecast before an event where more cars are attended.

Simulating a city evacuation plan before a massive natural disaster.

Bus lanes extensions and schedules optimization.