In Silicon city, your ajob as a mayor is to carefully manage the taxes you will collect from your citizen and their businesses.

In short, high taxes means more profit for you and less for your citizens which might affect their general happiness.

Citizens will have a job in a local business and a rent to pay as well. The more money they have at the end of the month, the easier it will be for them to move in wealthier areas of your city which will be inaccessible to citizen with low income.

Taxes can be managed in the economics tab

The starting value is of 7% for each residential, commercial and industrial zones. If you wish to make the real estate easier of access, reducing the taxes will help because the rent price your citizens will pay will be lower.

This building has a base rental price of 739$. With a 7% residential tax, it brings it to 791$.

In the previous screenshot showing the details of a residential building, we can see the first resident, Nettie Ayala is hired as a cashier in a local shop. She’s earning 821$ a month and pays ths 791$ for the rent. Her balance being positive, she will save up 40$ a month and will spend a part of her savings in the city and might look for a wealthier residence.
The income is also subject to the commercial or industrial tax. Here, originally of 883$, Nettie’s net salary is lowered by 7% to 821$.

Increasing any of these taxes might switch Nettie’s positive balance to a negative one and she will lose money month after month. If cannot find a cheaper place to live or is annoyed by too much taxes, she will more likely leave your city sooner or later.

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