Polycorne is proud to blow its first candle today, this November 05th 2021. What a long way we have come in one year!
We have :

  • learned a lot of new skills (technical, human, entrepreneurial)
  • had very short night
  • joined the Let’s GO incubator which put us in touch with industry veterans
  • wrote 982 stories and pushed 2100 commits
  • welcomed two new team members
  • drank a lot of coffee
  • participated in the development of GameOnly’s QWL approach
  • ate tons of cookies
  • met some incredible people who supported us, accompanied us, supported us and some of them became our friends
  • and finally released our game in Early Access! (and it wasn’t the easiest thing)

See you in November 2022 for our two years anniversary.

By the way, the game is available here:

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