Meet one of the talents of the Polycorne Team! This is Alexandre turn!

What’s your role at Polycorne?

Hi there, My name is Alex and I am a sound designer.

My mission at Polycorne was to create and implement all of the audio assets of Silicon City, with the help of the dev team. My role was to set an audio artistic direction and vision. It was also to imagine and create audio systems that, I hope, make interactions with the game fun, satisfying and rewarding.

I designed a bunch of ambiances, voices, UI and sound effects that react to the player’s actions and to the game state accordingly. It was really fun and challenging to work on a city builder, which I think is a very complex genre to work from an audio standpoint, but it is also full of possibilities.

Why do you want to make games?

What I enjoy the most is giving life to interactive universes by using sounds. I believe that sound is a crucial part of interactive experiences and that so many informations and emotions can be transfered to players with audio content.

I particularly enjoyed the creative freedom that was given to me working on Silicon City and I really loved working on this project !

What is your favorite game of all time?

That’s a pretty tough question, but the first that comes to my mind is World of Warcraft, for it’s almost infinite universe that I always found fascinating to explore.

I am also a huge fan of Nintendo games and my favorite would probably be Super Mario Galaxy, for the unique gameplay experience and emotional feelings that it delivered back in the days.

What is the game you played the most?

The game I played the most is Mario Kart Wii, I was absolutely hooked by this game during my teen years and spent more than 5000 hours playing it. I pushed the game pretty far as I was even able to get a few time trial world records and played in competitive teams for online tournaments.

And the very first one?

The first I clearly remember is definitely Midtown Madness 2, a racing game in which you could also freely roam in huge cities. I spent countless hours simply driving around and causing accidents as a kid. It is something I still remember vividly to this day.

How did you joined Polycorne, what’s your background story ?

I knew about Polycorne thanks to Killian, a fellow developer from the Polycorne team who I met during my scholarship at CNAM ENJMIN in Angoulême, France. I was looking for an audio design internship and he let me know that Polycorne were looking for somebody, that is how I applied and got embarked in this epic adventure !

One last word?

Take care of yourselves. (and also of your Silizens, they deserve it)