Once a week, discover one of the talents of the Polycorne team. The this time let’s talk with our queen: Léa.

What is your role at Polycorne ?

I’m a UI Artist meaning I create, design and implement user interfaces for Silicon City.

My main tasks are :

  • Creating mockups that are visually appealing while maintaining a game identity and following our UX requirements with Adobe XD.
  • Designing assets on Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Implementing scalable, dynamic UI designs and features in Unity Engine in collaboration with the dev team.

The perks of working in a small team also gives me the chance to work on other design-related stuff like 3D animation and I love it!


Why do you want to make games ?

Creativity is at the centre point of my work. I draw on paper, skin, wood, walls, boards, fridges and also computers.

My head is full of mysterious worlds and colours and so far, video games have been an amazing channel to give life to these ideas !

How did you joined Polycorne, what’s your background story ?

As a creative spirit, I don’t just draw, I also sing a lot ! I first developed my professional career in events and communications in the music industry. It quickly got me into web design and UX/UI where I could add a more technical side of things to my work which I really enjoyed. I decided to push in that direction and last year, did a bootcamp at Le Wagon in Lausanne to develop some coding skills and, thanks to their network, got involved with Polycorne.

What is your favorite game of all time ?

The Sims ! I’ve had all the versions and probably tried all the extensions… I would say it’s my favourite game of all time cause of all the ways you can play. It never gets boring and always feels like you’re rediscovering the game every time. I can spend hours building a manor with a dozen indoor swimming pools, fall in love with an alien or become president AND be a professional painter at the same time. I mean… how cool is that ?

What is the game to played the most ?

Probably the Sims again. Though I’ve also spent hours on SSX (3 and On Tour especially) doing double backflips with Kaori.

Do you remember the first you ever played ?

Again…The Sims is probably the first game I’ve owned. But before that, I remember going to different friends’ house to play Super Mario, Zoo Tycoon or Tekken…

In pure honesty though, the very first game I laid my hands on might have been something like Adibou or the Snake…haha

One last word ?

I wish I could reincarnate as a disco-ball…

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