Once every two weeks, discover one of the talents of the Polycorne team. It’s Killian‘s turn: our Swiss Army Knife.

What is your role at Polycorne ?

Well, I’m here since only 4 months so I’ve been doing a lot of different stuffs, but my main work is probably about the optimization and the implementation of the shaders in the game (at least what I can do with my current skills). These past weeks made me realize that the word that would define the most what I want to be later would be a Tech Artist, but it’s too early to use this term to define me.


Why do you want to make games ?

The thing that interest me the most in IT is the way that we can make our code live, create things by ourselves. More than that, I love to push my limits, discover new ways to work with algorithms and improve what I’m capable of. Give a living to what’s in my head is my final aim. I always wanted to be able to create something on my own because, while the time passed, I’ve been bored playing games for unexplained reason. This fact made me want to become a Game Developer, I find nothing more interesting than building its own world and giving life to ideas.

How did you joined Polycorne, what’s your background story ?

I joined Polycorne as apprentice-student for my 3rd year of college. By chance, I knew another studio that recommended me to Jérémie.

But before today, I studied 2 years in a “DUT Informatique” where I learned the generals IT knowledge. It’s during these 2 years that I began to develop video games with Unreal Engine 4 and made me realize that it’s what I wanted to do

What is your favorite game of all time ?

Kinda harsh question.

If I answer to it as the game that reminds me the best memories in term of discovery and excitement, I would say Fallout 3 with no hesitation. The way that the story is narrated is as amazing as the way that we can chose our fate.

I spent so many beautiful hours discovering that world that I remind it as a fairy tale (even if these fairy tales’ monsters are quite ugly).

What is the game to played the most ?

Definitely Minecraft and League of legends, with something like more than 2500 hours of play with each. I stopped playing to these for now, but years ago I really enjoyed the time spent on.

League of Legends was here for the challenge, the way to go farther in the ranking was really exciting while playing with friends, and it made me want to progress more and more.

Minecraft, on the other hand, was a great way to meet stunning worlds and creativity. I mostly played in modded servers (technological and fanciful ones) where I remember having really great times with my friends.

It sound a bit sad, but the fact that we all went different ways in studies let us allow less time to play games. It has been harder to find time to play regularly and that’s why I stopped playing as much as before.

Do you remember the first you ever played ?

Well, the first game that made me spend a lot of time on it is Zelda. I played a lot to Zelda: Minish Cap on Game Boy Advanced while I was young and these are great memories.

I continued the license later with Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass and then Zelda: Spirit Track, offered by my godmother.

One last word ?

Coffee time !

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