In the upcoming versions are now available 8 different views to visualize your city’s map.


City is the default’s view. It shows your city in 3D with all the buildings.


Zoning is made to visualize the districts of your city. Each zone has color codes that are commonly reguated by standards.

Unlike SimCity that is using RCI color codes as Green Blue Yellow, Silicon City is using the realistic color code. You can find more about zoning on the American Planning Association website, that advances planning in communities and cities design in USA.

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American Planning Association

Zone colors (simplified) according to urban planning standards.

Interested in Urban Planing? Consider visiting the City Beautiful youtube channel I follow and used to think the game. It contains amazing contents.

City Beautiful

Land Value

Land value is a very important meter to keep following in your city. Regions with a higher value are indeed more rich, fancy, and will bring you more money, but they are really hard to purchase for low-income citizen. As most of the immigrants that will come populate your city cannot afford expensive housings, you will need to balance low, mid and high value zones.

Parks on the right raises the land value, as wind turbines on the left lowers it.
The residences with a higher land value can evolve into higher and more dense buildings.


Traffic congestion and your transportation system will be one of the biggest challenge in Silicon City. You will need to upgrade busy streets where worker’s commute is the more important.


Managing your footprint over the land might be a secondary goal at first but you will face catastrophic consequences in the second stages of the game if you don’t pay attention to the pollution you throw in the ground, the water or the air.


General overview about how happy your citizens are. Find patterns and zones were citizen are not. It will probably lead you to find neighbors where unemployement or is more consequent or place without any source of entertainement.


Safety gathers institutional facilities covergae such as police and firefighters. Citizen not feeling safe will tend to feel less less happy, and moreover to leave your city after a while.

A police station placed at the center of your sensitives zones (industrial) will provide good protection withing a dozen of blocks.

In case of any incident in your city, such as accidents, riots or fires, if your zones are not covered by any institutional safety department, you might lead your citizen to a terrible future. Or no future at all.


A classic one, the maps shows in real-time the access to power to any of your buildings. Power plants will provide energy that is transmitted by roads, power lines, and the buildings themselves.

Please click here to find out more about the upcoming Silicon City and register for BETA testing!

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