Vous reprendrez bien un peu de donnée ?

We just released a new update, Silicon City v0.33! Discover the new features of this last version before the early access one.

Last run before early access!

Here we are almost there! We already now the final release date for Early Access. We’ll tell you more in the upcomming days. It’s now more than ever the time to promote Silicon City around you! The more whishlists the game will receive, the more promotion it will receive on launch day! It’s your time to shine and spread the word 🙂

Your house received some beautiful upgrades!

We remodeled the mayor’s house in the game. It’s now as big as your political ambitions! Look at it grow along the city, the more population, the nicer your house gets!

Stop at the red light!

Following an improvement of the navigation algorithm, we have reactivated the consideration of traffic lights. Cars stop at red lights and pedestrians wait their turn to pass.

Travel times are therefore increased. It is up to you as mayor to take this into account for the good of your fellow citizens!

More data!

The new data visualizations are now having new features: chart bars and ground decorations.

Use the 3D buttons in the maps panel to switch from 3D mode to chart mode, according to your liking to analyse the best way the strength and weaknesses of your city to help solving problems and reaching the hghest scores. As a mayor, information is key!

Minor updates

Thanks to your feedback on our Discord server, we could make some nice fixes and upgrades as you suggested.

  • performance ingame improved
  • loading time improvement
  • the cars and silizens now wait at the traffic light
  • translations and texts were corrected in French and English.

Bug fixes

  • if the load of a game crash (new or savegame load), an error message appear
  • silizens don’t go through other’s buidling when navigating in the city. They now behave and take the sidewalks.
  • the Steam leaderboards are now showing without issues.