Better graphics, Faster and more stable!

The latest version of Silicon City is now available! Find out this almost last version before the early access release.

The Data Analysis feature upgraded with astonishing graphics!

At Polycorne, we like it when it’s pretty and useful. So these analysis view maps got way prettier, and render cool screenshots! All that while keeping it clear and fully functional, for you to extract the data you need, when you need it. We hope you’ll like it! 😉

Good to know : This is just the beginning, this is only a new iteration towards an extended viewmap system. We’re planning to release more options next month!

Citizens that don’t get lost anymore

Our beloved silizens finally know how to use a GPS to wander around town. Thanks to your feedbacks, we could enhance the navigation algorithm:

  • The citizens don’t get stuck going round and around in some places.
  • They easily find their way to reach their destination.
  • The mayor can now place pedestrian crossings wherever he/she wants to optimize the citizen’s path.

Procedural and infinite combination of buildings

The citizens build themselves their house and office with random shapes, walls and roof colors, windows and other decorations. Discover their different personalities in the infinite combination of all possible buildings.

We’ll extend this feature bits by bits to other building such as the shops, parks and farms for more and more unique cities in the next updates.

They are takling about us

Some great people on youtube are talking about Silicon City and uploaded some cool videos. Thanks to them, here are some videos is different languages:

Minor updates

Thanks to your feedbacks on our Discord server, we were able to add many other updates, as always to make this game always better (Cheers to Rilo the Urist, watermelon, Yarso, Huddleston for their input!)

  • New selection system
  • New autosave feature
  • New delete button for your saves in the main menu

Bug fixes

  • Powerballs do not go under bridges anymore
  • W (watts) are now the unit for power everywhere in the game. No more confusion between W and Wh (thanks to Hanako Seishin)
  • The ISO camera now stick to 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° (no more weird perspective effect when you release the right clic after a camera rotation)
  • The city sounds volumes takes in consideration the distance
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