Description of the new features and updates.

List of updates
– Social Network
– Map views
– Difficulty levels
– New buildings
– Bug fixes

Social Network

Social Network

All the citizens in your city have a social network profile to post messages about their daily life. When they move in, get or lose a job. As a mayor, you can read all the tweets sent by your silizens and understand how they feel.
Follow them to keep a closer look at a close group of interesting citizens, some of them will write relevant information. Themselves can tag their own friends or relative in their tweets. They will notify you when they have something important to let you know about, such as why they left the city.

News Agency

The news agency will be gifted to you when you reach 500 silizens. It allows the creation of newspapers, which are institutional and trusted sources of information. This use the Twitter messaging system to broadcast more detailed information about the city.

Map views

New views show more information.
Works lists the total jobs available in your city, among all comercial, industrial and institutional buildings, and how many of these jobs are active or vacant.
Similarly for residences, you can see the capacity of your city. This number evolves as soon as houses and apartment grows or when you lay down new zones.
And finally, the energy view that shows your electricity consumption vs. what you’r providing.


You can now choos any of the 5 modes of difficulty when you create a game. Once a city is started as easy, normal or hard, it is impossible to change.
In a harder game, you start with less money and it is harder to please the citizens to have them to move in.

New Buildings


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