Hello mayors!
A new update is available for Silicon city! It includes new buildings, bridges and a new fixed road layout system.


There is a Tipeee page if you want to support Silicon City! You can give 1$ or simply watch a video to give us the ad revenue.

The update took a lot of time and effort, mostly due to the complexity of the road network, which is now done. I will send a survey soon to ask you guys which of the next features you’d like to see in the game!


  • 6 new family houses houses are available. The two largest ones are reserved for very wealthy neighbors
  • Hospital now brings babies to your city!
  • Roads over water looks like bridges.


  • Some tooltips have been added over the action buttons to clarify the UI and help the player.
  • Main screen buttons includes new icons.
  • Player can decide to customize the population chart, by hiding a part of the population, such as employed citizens or students to help focus.
  • New screen resolutions are now supported: all 16:10, 19:9 and 5:4 ratios.


  • A huge work has been done on the road tool. This system is one of the new corner stone for the future of Silicon City. It allows the game to generate a complex path network of car lanes and sidewalks, where cars and pedestrian can navigate. In the next updates, it will help the citizens to get out of their homes walking and take a bus to move faster or park their car in a parking lot.
  • Citizens working in farms or factories will take the company’s truck or pickup to make deliveries in the city. Watch them go out and go across the streets of your town to deliver goods.
  • Watch ambulances, police cars and fire trucks going out of their depots to go around town.
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