Hello mayors!

A new update of Silicon City has been released and contains many new things! Some important bug fixes, UI reworking, new buildings and missions, and the translation of the game into french!

En Français s’il vous plaît!

Yes! The best news for the large French community of beta-testers.

It’s been a while I wanted to integrate this! Now the game is available in french. Most of the work was to turn all the texts and labels dynamics to the user’s language.

The Tweeting system had to also be translated. This includes all the possible tweets and their grammatical structure. This includes a large dictionary of random adjectives, nouns, and animals used for names and tweets generators.

If you feel like you have some time to help me on the translations, please feel free to drop me a message.

UI updates

  • The Tools menu has been reduced to a smaller and simpler look, as requested by many of you.
  • Texts are sharper and more readable.
  • Game supports any resolutions (issues where present in the v0.21 where borders were cropped)
  • Tooltips are available on almost any button to give more help to the player.
  • An issue with the chart on the population tab has been fixed.
    You can filter any category of the population in or out the chart and list them.
    Categories: employed, unemployed, retired, students, infants
  • Map legends has been a bit improved, with a clearer look and added the migration index
  • More detailed mission popups
  • Main screen offers an access to the settings.

New missions with followers as a reward

There are 3 more new missions available during rank 2 and 3. I’ll spoil you one that happen early in game.

Help The Farmers will ask you to lower the industrial taxes for 6 months to receive a special building and +15 followers on your mayor’s social account.

The new followers you’ll get will increase your popularity. Having a good popularity helps to keep your citizens satisfied.

New buildings

The first apartments (dense residences) to rise in your city will be the New-York style apartments. Once full and big enough (3×3 or more) they’ grow as skyscrapers.

Other game updates

  • Power plants energy production has been increased by 50%. A wind turbine now generates 36KWh and a Coal Plant 400MWh.
  • The soccer team tweets and tag the soccer player when a goal is scored.
  • Cities with two soccer teams can will organize derbies.
  • Saved games have been moved to a user permanent location on the computer, as it is usual on other games.

Bug fixes

  • The immigration has been restored as it used to be like. An issue in v0.21 caused citizens to leave the city and not find jobs.
  • The feedback popup on the main screen has been fixed after causing crashes.
  • Electricity propagation has been made smarter to go where power is needed


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