Hello mayors!
Here’s a new update for you. This one is the introduction to the sandbox mode! And some other changes such as:

  • New camera movements
  • New buildings: the green spaces
  • Bug fixes

It’s been only 2 weeks after the previous update, ans what we have here to celebrate is huge! I really hop to keep the pace going, but first, let’s get an overview of…

The sandbox mode! Unleash your creativity

If you don’t know about sandboxes, not the ones from your early school years, but the ones you find in simulation games, let me introduce you to the concept.
A game you play in Sandbox will have no limitation nor restriction on budget. Everything is free! However you don’t have access to any mission and the leaderboards are deactivated, that would be too easy.

The sandbox in Silicon City lets you first use all the new basic tools to create the foundations of a city, such as the roads, the alleys and the small parks with the new greeen space (check it out below). You also have access to the 7 zones and once again they all cost nothing.
Now you also have access to your blueprints. These can be bought during a regular game (non sandbox). You can select (almost) any building in your existing city and buy it’s blueprint. The price is based on the level of this building, from 2,000$ (lvl1) to 32,000$ (lvl5). Once you’ve bought the blueprints of your favorite buildings, you can go back to the sandbox mode and place any of these buildings for free anywhere it pleases you.

It’s time to get creative and build the greatest cities ever made in a grid based City builder! Also checkout the new building added for more creativity!

New camera movements

This new feature has been requested by the community and I’m very happy I spent some time implementing it. The new rotation system used to manipulate the camera is way better than previouly. There is a new setting in the main settings screen and let you decide which kind of camera rotation you want to use. The new one, called pivot mode, has been chosen by default but you can change the setting back to its original if you want.

The pivot camera rotates around the focused object. The opposite was more like an FPS camera looking to its left or right.

New building: The green space!

To come with the sandbox udpate, here’s the latest building of Silicon City, and it’s made for creatives.
The green space is available from the beginning of any game, and is a simple park that extends like the zones or trees would do. Select the green space building and place them using a drag and drop on the map. Using the same green space tool, click again on a block with a green space and change its design.
With the multiple combination of paths, borders, trees and alleys, create new tow centers more beautiful and friendly than ever! Share your work using #siliconcity hashtags!

Bug fixes

  • An issue where the taxes were not displayed correctly was fixed.
  • Electricity navigates automatically where most of the power is needed
  • Items in the main menu are now correctly selected when using them


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