This article will list in details all the new updates introduced in this 0.25 release.

Serious city traffic

Integration of intersections is now automated while laying out road in your city. Automatically, traffic lights are generated and synced together for your cars. Vertical and horizontal streets are synced and traffic lights durations are fixed to a 4 minutes cycle. Pedestrians also respect traffic lights and cross streets alternatively with cars.

Creating intersections automatically generates the appropriate lanes. They get colored from green to red according the amount of traffic that sits within.

New cars models and colors have been added. There’s more diversity in the streets!

Traffic Map views

The whole map of your city generates the ways layout for your citizens to navigate from a point to any another in your city. These waypoints are made for pedestrians as well as for vehicles. If you show up the Traffic view, you’ll see different ways the citizens can use and you’ll also see them navigating along their paths.

Please have a look at the following video for a quick overview of a neighborhood animation during the day on youtube here or visit the following link:

New parks and other buildings

Finally, some new types of entertainment buildings have been added. There are a tennis court, a swimming pool and the iconic skatepark that can be built in your city as soon as you’ll reach rank 2. They provide a nice daily or weekly outdoor activity opportunity for your citizens. They’re cheap buildings and raise the land value around them.
Also, from now on, when you have an active soccer team in your city, every night at 8PM a match will be played and will attract many tourists according to the popularity of your team.

You can now buy a solar power plant that will distribute the greenest energy , as much as a wind turbine, however it becomes powerless at night

Music & audio

The second most significant change in this new update is the addition of music. Composed by Yves Days specially for Silicon City, it offers the player a better immersion in the game with a playlist that will also get new songs in the future.

Sound effects were added too as both audio feedback for when the player build or destroys buildings, but also environment audio. Move your camera closer to the ground and you’ll hear the traffic, the birds chipping in the parks or sometimes the soccer game going on at night. If you hear a siren, they is probably an emergency going on and the police is on the way!

Bugfixes and small updates

  • Navigation for citizens has been improved. The path finding is still confusing for the citizens but they navigated better in town and always reach their goal, by car and walking. Citizens with a car will park it as soon as they arrive nearby their destination to continue walking.
  • Game speed has been decreased to allow a slow play mode at a realistic pace.
  • Camera don’t get stuck anymore underground


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