Silicon City v0.26 update logs

This article will list in details all the new updates introduced in this 0.26 release.


We made it easy to now look at the citizens going around in your city and find out what they’re up to. Simply put your mouse over them and you’ll see an information panel showing their profile, and indicators marking the location of their home and workplace. Hold shift while the game is playing to keep tracking the Silizen!


Mayors, this new feature will be the beginning of many possibilities. Some events happen now in your city, such as criminals doing michsief, citizens getting sick, and sometimes fires will start in buildings. When a such fire starts, your city should have a fire station and firemen ready to intervene! The trucks will go to the emergency and will solve the situation before the fire tears down the building.


The UI has been slightly redesigned to offer sharper and more readable texts..


You can now build a doctor’s clinic. It’s like a small hospital and let you provide access to health services to your citizens earlier in game. It raises the land value around. The ambulance drivers can also head to emergencies when your silizens faint or break a leg at work.

Power lines were added as well. You can use them to connect power from a building to another without building a road.


  • The roads do not disappear anymore when you build a new one over them
  • Silizens will find a job more easily
  • Silizens will learn the best path from their home to their workplace
  • A bug where you couldn’t get your taxes money at the end of the month has been fixed

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