The Polycorne team has been very busy working on a crazy new major update of Silicon City…
And it’s finally here!

Hello Mayor,

First of all, we’re sending you a million thanks for checking out our progress so far, you lovely player of Silicon City! We’re getting closer and closer to a release version of the game and are very proud to show you the new version we made.

Is that… a french cheese reference ?

Yes my lord ! We’re from the french Alps, and there’s one true thing: we love cheese. We wanted a way to identify our updates and promote local specialties at the same time. The team started to think about it… and voila !
Our next update will be named after our favourite cheeses, alphabetically ordered. This first one is named Abondance. It’s is a famous cheese produced in Haute-Savoie near to our location (big up !). Find more information about this outrageously delicious cheese at Wikipedia :
Now this cultural and delicious moment is over, back to business !

Let me tell you a story…

We spent a lot of energy and passion to create a new story mode. Follow an adventure as a mayor apprentice and learn the basics of the game step by step. Meet unexpected people along your journey and make new friends and foes. Politics is definitively not an easy path

  • Play 3 brand new scenarii
  • Get in touch with the actors of Silicon City (mayors, consellors, citizens, …)
  • New chapters will be added to the main story on a regular basis! Stay tuned for more adventures!

You can see below the story mode screen. This is now the entry point which displays the progress of your adventure as an apprentice mayor. The very first level available have been designed to teach you the basic mechanics of the game. The characters you will meet are full of good intentions… Help them to succeed their missions.

Unlock the sandbox mode for a unlimited city building!

The previous concept of blueprints is gone, now you can play with the sandbox mode and have access to ALL the building in Silicon city, without the total freeedom to build anything. Unlock that game mode by achieving all the missions in the story mode!

A Scenario? Like a scripted act?

These scripted games of Silicon City you will play, means we developped in house a way to programmatically interact between the player and the game. That’s called a MOD. If you know about modding, you might be interested that you’ll be soon able to create yours, just as we did.

We still need more time to completely release this “make your own saga” feature, but we are close. You can see below an example of the tool we develop to create scenario graphically. We hope we will be able to offer this tool to the community.

I can see the light… but my socks are wet

We’ve working hard on color and light improvement. What we’ve done for this first step:Improvement of the night sky color to make it more popishChanged pixel stars to cubic starsImproved tonemapping post processing

We also improved the water look to match the 3 different lore available in the game:Mainland with relaxing deep blue waterIsland with waves and lagoon clear waterDesert with calm and crystal clear waterThis is the first step of a list of immersive effect in the game. We will bring other elements such as weather and daytime related effects step by step.

Who said that wind is not powerful ?

Hey, you’re a mayor looking for more power?
We got you  . We brought you a new wind turbine model that produces twice the energy of the small ones.
You’ll have acces to it proving that you ambrace green energy. We let you find out how unlock this new model.

Drop your worries under the palm tree

Your dream of building a coastal city is now a reality. Use the new pam tree available in the Island and Desert biomes.

My city is getting bigger

We unocked the 256×256 city size. You can trust us when we say that it will takes A LOT of time to completely fill in the area.
Be careful though because it is still under beta and takes a lot of computer resources. Use it at your own risk 🙂

Minor updates

Thanks to our community’s feedback, we were able to fix a lot of bugs and implement some improvements.

  • You do not pay again when you rebuild a block (such as alleys or road). Except for gardens (gree spaces).
  • We managed to improve the game performance by smartly optimizing the code. We’ll wrote a specific article on that point.
  • New tutorial videos
  • New Steam achievements
  • Reward animations and achivements when you unlock the classic and sandobx mode
  • You can select your mayor avatar if your are offline (not connected to Steam)
  • You can disable the TV news overview in the settings
  • New tips randomly displayed during loading screen

Bug fixes

  • Translations fixed
  • Fixed issue with the Steam API. Some events where not sent to Steam so the Steam achievement where not unlocked
  • When typing a tweet, the keyboard shortcut are disabled. The same when the setting window is displayed
  • Fixed issue with roads
  • Fixed issue about money not delivered to the city account at the end of the day

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